2.   Club of journalists and experts on interethnic relations at the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan in Karaganda region (further - is a permanent advisory and expert and an information agency to the Assembly of the people of  Kazakhstan of  Karaganda region (further - the Assembly). The club in its activities is guided by the Constitution, Laws of Kazakhstan Republic  "On the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan" and "Mass Media resources" The doctrine of the unity of the people of Kazakhstan, other laws of the Kazakhstan Republic and acts of the President of Kazakhstan Republic, as well as these Regulations.
2.Tasks of the Club
The main tasks of the Club are:
1) contribute to the strengthening of tolerance, the preservation of inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony in the state, civil unity, patriotism and spiritual and cultural community;
2) to observe, develop and implement the principles of journalistic ethics, also to form an accountability in the journalistic community in matters of coverage of interethnic and inter-confessional themes;
3. Function of the Club
1) To realize the main tasks defined by this Regulation, the Club performs the following functions:
2) Prepares proposals for the improvement of state national policy, strengthening of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional consent and stability in society;
Structure and structure of the Club
The club consists of a chairman, a secretary and members.
The duties of the chairman, secretary and members of the Club are carried out on a voluntary basis.
5. Organization of the Club activities
The club is created, reorganized and abolished by the Chairman of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan in Karaganda region.
9. The decisions of the Club are advisory in nature.
10. Club meetings are held as required, but at least twice a year.
11. The meeting of the Club is eligible, if it is attended by more than half of the total number of its members.
12. Decisions are made by open vote by a simple majority of the members  at the meeting. If the votes are equal, the voice of the Chairman of the Club is decisive.
13. Chairman of the Club:
1) exercises general management and coordination of the Club's activities, presides at the Club meeting;
2) determines the main areas of the Club's activities and organizes its work;
14. Secretary of the Club:
1) Organizationally provides the work of the Club, draws up minutes of its meetings, prepares materials for meetings of the Club;
2) ensures control over the implementation of the Club's work plans;
15. A member of the Club has the right:
1) participate in all forms of the Club;
2) make proposals, freely express their views on issues discussed within the competence of the Club;
16. The Club operates on the basis of current and future plans, developed taking into account the instructions of the Chairman of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan in Karaganda region. Plans are approved at the meeting of the Club.
17. The Secretariat of the Assembly is entitled to engage in analytical and expert work,  conducted in accordance with the plans of the Club, third-party organizations and specialists, including on a contractual basis.
18. On the instructions of the Chairman of the Club, in consultation with the authorized representatives and interested government bodies, members can be sent both through the territory of Kazakhstan Republic, and abroad at the expense of the funds provided for these purposes by budget programs, as well as within the framework of the state social order,  directed on the development of the Kazakhstan model of interethnic and inter-confessional consent.
19. The Club can attract journalists and experts, not members of the Club, including foreign ones.
20. Based on the results of the Club's work, a report is prepared for the year, which is approved at its meeting.


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