As we know, the Kazakh people like to celebrate, have fun and any joyful event turns into a holiday. Therefore, our people are hospitable and friendly.
The dream of the father of the family is to leave behind a worthy generation, the dream of the mother is to give birth to a child, to be a mother. The Kazakh people paid special attention to the upbringing of children as the continuers of the path of ancestors. All life customs and traditions are intertwined with the education and protection of the future of the younger generation. Therefore, it developed a lot of customs, rituals, traditions and prohibitions to protect the born child and its development. Before the child reached adulthood, the following traditional rituals were performed: at the birth of a child - "shildehana", when laying for the first time in the cradle - " besyk toy», the forty-day birth " kirkinan shigaru», the child began to walk - " tusau kesu», when carrying out the circumcision "sundet Toi ", etc. Самый the first one is "shildehana toy". In this article we will share information about "Shildehana toy".
"'Shildehana toy' is an ancient custom that has come down to us. This custom is dedicated to the birth of a child. In the old days, when a child is born sent messengers close and distant relatives, friends asking suyinshi (reward for the good news). Thus the birth of a son said that he was born "Zhilkishi" (the groom), "at ustar" (holder horse), at birth girls are told, was born "saunshy" (milkmaid) or "koilek tiger" (dressmaker). Notified neighbors, relatives, friends are going to"shildehana toy". Wishing the child a long life and health throw "shashu" - this is another ritual of a joyful meeting. Guests play on the lute, horse racing horses, so celebrate that. In such days they come, congratulate not only invited, but all who heard the good news of the birth of a child.
"Kalzha Mal" - cut cattle or sheep to treat guests. Usually "Kalzha Mal" bring relatives of the mother. When you treat the meat after a meal, only women gnawed the spine and the spine cleared put in the bars tavolga and hang on the above. This ritual means the honor of the child and his mother and this ritual is carried out by young women who wish to give birth to a child.  This custom is carried out in order to quickly strengthen the neck of the child. The main meaning of shildehana protect the child from evil spirits. After the birth of a child up to forty days was considered a very dangerous period for the mother and child, so up to forty days they were not shown to anyone, fearing the evil eye, and protecting from evil spirits, put forty candles in the mother's room and the child is not allowed strangers. The word" shildehana "means from the Persian word" shilde kuzet", shilde – protection (for forty days to protect). Youth suits the event, and the older generation, speaking parting talk, spend customs have. Shildehana is considered the first (toy) holiday of the child. The birth of a child for the family is a joyful event, almost all kinds of rituals and customs have been preserved. On this day, all guests bring gifts for the child. Previously, the boys were given a harness, a saddle set, a harness for a horse, a ring for a girl, earrings, a shashbau for hair.


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