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Club of German Youth "Grashüpfer" in Karaganda with KONTS "Wiedergeburt">

- Regular project 2016-2018. "Development of the activities of the club of German youth" - Regular project 2016-2018. "Theatre studio"
- Premiere of the performance of the theatrical studio "DasblauvomHommel" ("Visit to the heavenly office")

- Education of social responsibility of youth, together with the KNM of Astana
- Creation of the exhibition "History ... People ... Destiny ...", dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the deportation of the German people
- Participation in the theatrical festival "German on stage" with the play "MeinNameistPeter" (My name is Peter)
- Education of social responsibility of youth, joint creative work with older people
  - Participation in regional events
- Participation in patriotic actions - Participation in the festive concert Nauryz Meiramy
- Work to assist veterans of the Second World War
- Cooperation with volunteers and charities
- Participation in the celebration of the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan

8 (702) 428 71 35


Количество участников 36

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Телефон: 8 (702) 428 71 35 ,,
Head : Борисевич Мария Александровна

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